These arts have no real historical name. they go by the common name of "Russian martial arts" which does create some confusion. The name "Systema" or the system can be consdired as a generic title that can be compared to "Kung Fu" or “one who is highly skilled" or "time" and "effort".

Joseph Stalin's personal bodyguards the orginal Soviet practitioners of Systema. With Stalin's death, Systema then became the style of fighting that was used by some Special Military Operations. Systema is only one of the many different combat arts that are used to train the Russian special forces units.

The Soviet Union has a strict ban on unsanctioned traditions. Swo due to this ban and the sensitivity of special forces training, it was only after the cold war that Systema came to into the light. Systema's pre-Soviet Russian heritage being rediscovered only now. there is no proof but some say that the Russian heritage of the Systema martial arts goes back to the 10th century and was practiced by the Bogatyr or Russian heros/knights.

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